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To browse our catalogue, select one of the options from the list of categories or see our product selections.
You can then narrow down your search through different filters.
Click on the photo of the product you are interested in to see it in more detail.

Product Page - details of the product

The Product Page allows you to examine the item in detail, before adding it to your Shopping Bag.
The right hand section contains the information regarding features, materials and price. You can enlarge the image for a closer look by using the zoom function.
From the Product Page you may save the product in your Wish List, or proceed directly to checkout.

Adding products to your Shopping Bag

To add a product to your Shopping Bag select the size and colour, then click on ADD TO SHOPPING BAG. If only one size and/or color is available, it is not necessary to select them to complete your purchase.
You can decide to proceed directly to checkout, or to continue browsing our site.
Remember that inserting an item in the Shopping Bag does not mean you have reserved it.

Shopping Bag

On the first page of the Shopping Bag you can find the shipping and payment method details.
The total amount of the order that you see on the first page of the Shopping Bag will be the exact amount for which you will be charged.
Once you are ready to place the order, go to the next page to proceed with the purchase.

Promotional Code

It is a personal code, issued on special occasions, that enables you to take advantage of exclusive promotions on services and products offered by our store.
The "Promotional Code" space is displayed in the first page of the Shopping Bag: enter your Code and click Apply to obtain your new total.

Fast Checkout

Our Fast Checkout feature enables you to complete your orders without having to re-enter personal details.
Only registered users can benefit from Fast Checkout option.
Save your Shipping Addresses in your My Account account using the Address Book, or do it directly in the Shopping Bag. Once you log in, saved information will be immediately available and will enable you to faster purchases.
Choose one Address to save as 'default' to complete your order in one click.

Completing your order

To complete your order, you must enter your delivery details in the Shipping Page and chose the method of payment by selecting one of CREDITCARD or PAYPAL. After entering your delivery details and choosing payment method you may proceed with your order. Insert your Credit or Debit Card information in the Payment Page.
All details of your order can be reviewed in the Order Confirmation Page. Please remember that, once an order is completed, it cannot be modified in any way.
Your purchase is complete when you are brought to our Thank-you Page, where you will find your Order Number. Within a few minutes you will also receive an e-mail confirming your order.

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